Manufacturer Heavy Industry Biocure
Category HGH
Pack 10 IU/vial
Drug class Polypeptidhormone
Chemical structure C990H1528N262O300S7
Common names Genotropin, Humatrope, Norditropin, Jintropin, Somatropin, Somatotropin.

Somatropin is recombiant injectable human growth hormone. It contents identical sequence of 191 amino acids of human growth hormone

The molecular formula is C990H1528 N262 O300 S7.lts molecular weight is 22,125 Daltons.

Joint and tendons strengthening

Improvement to skin appearance

New muscle cell formation

Increasing mineralization of bones

Increasing calcium retention

Accelerates wound healing

Healthier skin

Better Sleep

Androgenic index - None

Anabolic index - High

Aromatization - None

Acne - None

Toxicity for the liver – None

Water Retention - Rare

High Blood Pressure - Rare

Common cycle length is 3-6 months

Beginners: 4 - 5 iu / daily

Hobby: 5 – 10 iu / daily

Professional Range: 8 – 32 iu / daily

Women: 1 – 6 iu daily

Half-life: around 2,5 hours (active-life around 24 hours) note: active-life can be changed by injection method

Leukemia has occuired in a small number of children receiving Somatropin, although the relationship is uncertain.

Approximately 2% of patients develop antibodies. Of the 232 patients receiving somatropin for >6 months, 4.7% had serum binding of radiolabeled growth hormone in excess of twice the binding observed in control sera.

Somatropin may cause headaches,localized muscle pain,arthralgia,carpal tunnel syndrome, weakness,?mild hyperglycemia, and glucx)suria Mild transient edema occurs in 2.5% of patients early during treatment Local urticarial reactions have rarely?been reported at the injection site.

(hyperglycemia)and lipolysis within?2-4 hours. Large doses of growth hormone may impair glucose?tolerance ana induce insulin?resistance.The exact mechanism is not known.Children with hypopituitarism sometimes experience fasting hypoglycemia that is improved by somatropin therapy.

Children who are not growth hormone-deficient somatropin may provoke hyperinsulinemia without impairment of glucose tolerance.

It is not known whether somatropin is excreted in breast milk. Exercise caution when administering to nursing mother.

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